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Gain a deeper understanding of the different areas of your life and get clarity on where you need to focus your energy to make the positive changes you want in your career, relationships, health personal development and more.
Understand what actions you can take to regain balance in your life and gain the confidence and motivation needed to  steer your life in the direction you desire.

Unlock a Better You with Dr. Susan Alexander

From my many years working as a surgeon and now as a certified High Performance™️ coach, I've seen countless professionals trying to cope with hidden frustrations. Often, they only confront these when they face a significant life event.

But today I'm asking you to not wait for that wake-up call!

This 'Life Compass' guide is a revealing exercise that I take all my 1-1 clients through during our work as a way of embarking on their transformative journey together and one that will help accelerate your own personal development when you download it today. 


What Others Say

Ravi John

After just one session with Susan, I was equipped with actionable insights and thought-provoking questions. Her questions, seemingly simple, were key to my clarity. With her guidance, I found a deeper understanding of myself and uncovered a latent contentment.

Susan's insightful coaching has been life-changing, and I'm deeply thankful for her influence on my path to self-realization.



Katie Colclough

I reached out to Susan when I found myself at a crossroads in life. She was quickly able to understand my aspirations and I immediately felt lifted and optimistic about my ability to grow as a person. In just a few sessions I was able to reframe many thought patterns and how I viewed myself and my strengths.

Subsequently I've had the confidence to make changes in some core pillars of my life and I'm now able to consider what actually makes me happy rather than being distracted by what I feel I should be aspiring to.

Tom Elsbury

Susan is thorough in the way in which she guides you through the process, astute in the way in which she picks up subtleties, and is not afraid to challenge your pre-conceived notion of how something should be going forward.

I would highly recommend her to anyone who is considering engaging with a life coach, but perhaps even more so to someone who isn’t. She has added a huge amount of value in my life in a comparatively short amount of time, and I could not speak more highly of her.

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