"Excellence is not a gift, but a skill that takes practice."


Discover the Prime Momentum™️ High-Performance program for the best decade of your life

"Excellence is not a gift, but a skill that takes practice."


Discover the Prime Momentum™️ High-Performance program for the best decade of your life

You know those ones that have a fantastic career, happy homelife, healthy lifestyle and are bouncing with positive energy? Is it luck or are these high-performers doing something different that can be learned? 

High performance is a state of mind and attitude that propels an individual or team to achieve their greatest successes in every area of their life.

If you are feeling stuck in some area of your life right now and can’t find a way forward or if you are putting in lots of energy into your career but not seeing the results, then the High-Performance Package is perfect for you.

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Data analysis involving of over 1.6 million clients from 195 countries was undertaken by Brendon Burchard and colleagues at the High-performance Institute.

They identified the six most important habits
for high performance.

Seek Clarity

High performers are clear about their
goals and passions

 Do you have a clear vision of what you want and how to achieve it?

Generate Energy

High performers generate energy so they can maintain focus and effort each day

Have you got the physical and mental energy to maintain positive emotions?

Raise Necessity

High performers cultivate an underlying innate drive for exceptional performance

Does your identity reflect your values and beliefs and align with your social obligations and work commitments?

Increase Productivity

High performers spend time on things that matter

How disciplined are you in focussing on what matters most to you and avoiding distractions?


Develop Influence

High-performers learn how to influence people around them

Can you persuade people to support your passions and projects by demonstrating strong leadership skills?

Demonstrate Courage

High performers take consistent, bold action even when the outcome is uncertain

Are you confident in expressing your ideas and standing up for yourself or others?


What’s the benefit of high-performance training?

Based on scientific research, a high-performance indicator survey of over 174,000 individuals demonstrated that those with higher scores had.

 Increased quality of work

✓ Better career impact

✓ Higher income

✓ Better quality of interpersonal relationships

✓ Increased perceived excellence

✓ More confidence

✓ Abundance of Happiness


How does it work?

 Training can be done as a 1-1 private session for professionals and senior executives, or as group sessions on live interactive video calls.  

Each training session is unique to you and will be designed to suit your specific needs.

Be warned, this program is not just casual chatting. You will be given a set of proven tools that will help you rethink your life. You will be educated in basic neuroscience and learn how to take advantage of this knowledge to retrain your brain to be more productive.

Unlock A Better You
With 'The Success Strategist'

Certified High Performance™️ Coach
Dr Susan Alexander 

From my experience as a surgeon and now as a certified coach,  I've seen countless professionals to parents trying to cope with hidden frustrations.
Often, they only confront these when they face a significant life event.
Don't wait for that wake-up call. With coaching, accelerate your personal development and tap into a potential you never knew existed.
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Tom Elsbury  

I was skeptical about life coaching until I met Susan. Her approach changed my perspective entirely. She's an excellent communicator, providing tools for both our sessions and my personal use. Susan challenges pre-conceived notions and guides you thoroughly. In a short time, she's added immense value to my life. Highly recommended, especially for those unsure about life coaching.

Katie Colclough 

Physiotherapist and GB cyclist

At a life crossroads, I reached out to Susan. Despite my research, I struggled with self-confidence and its impact on my job satisfaction. Susan quickly grasped my aspirations and introduced tools like the strengths assessment. After just a few sessions, I reframed my thought patterns, improved decision-making, and confidently made significant life changes. Susan helped me focus on true happiness.

Ravi John, 

Co-founder and CEO of Digital Mesh Softech

Post our first session, Susan provided actionable steps and profound questions that unlocked my clarity. Her coaching made me introspect deeply, leading to newfound happiness and contentment. Susan's guidance has been transformative, and I'm grateful for her role in my journey to self-realization.

At the end of this program, you will...


Have a crystal clear vision of your dream life and a personal development plan that will serve as a blueprint for your journey of growth and self-improvement.

Not only will you have a list of what you want from the different aspects of your life, but you will also gain a deeper understanding of why you want these things and the skills you need to bring that vision to life.

You will gain knowledge in basic neuroscience and understand how your brain works and why you may have been repeating negative thought patterns that have held you back in the past. You will learn techniques to recognise when a mental hijack is about to happen and how to prevent it from escalating.

You will gain a deeper understanding about the quality of the relationships you have in your life. You will learn why some people may continually frustrate you and can trigger unpleasant feelings that in the past have made you behave in ways that you later regret.

You will learn how to bring the things you want into your life and achieve things that may seem impossible to you now. With your coach to guide you, you will create a personal development plan that provides structure, accountability, and motivation to propel you forward on your path to success.

This is your time to outshine your dreams.

To find out more about how you or your team can learn these skills and start your training today book a free consultation call.